How did you get into making cats?

One of the most asked question I get is how did I get into this cat business? I always liked making things which is probably why I spent most of my working life as a commercial photographer. Building sets, painting walls, and making props were always the most fun parts of image making. Having photographed for a lot of manufactures I always thought I would start some type manufacturing company after I retired from photography. With business taking a drastic change after 9/11 I started sculpting a little art deco style cat figurine. My assistant at the time liked the design and suggested that if I kept the high quality I could have a nice little collectable. Not knowing what a collectable was she showed me samples of other items that people collected. I sought the advice of a couple of my manufacturing clients and probably despite their warnings plodded along designing what was to become Kitschy Katz. The little cat statue kind of took a life of the its own and became my manufacturing company. I spent 2 years working on it part time and then figured that if I were going to pursue this as a business I needed to do it full time. Rather than waiting to retire from photography I spent another 2 years finalizing the design and producing the initial series. Since cats (at least the lucky ones) have nine lives, we proudly call our first series The Original 9. I hope you like our little cats. If you are curious about anything else please leave me a comment and that may end up to be my next blog!   Ken ~ KatMan ~

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  1. James Says:

    We love your work. Thanks for making the world a little brighter.

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